Monday, April 29, 2019

A Bookish Affair

जब एक रोज़

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Jazba-e-Mohabbat, a Bilingual Book on Poetry

Jazba-e-Mohabbat takes readers to a romantic journey with beautiful compositions which are light, lilting and pleasing. Written in Urdu as well as English, the poems of love, loss and loneliness are bound to touch the hearts of the readers, irrespective of age and generation.

Besides collection of romantic shayeri of Raza Elahi, Jazba-e-Mohabbat (passion of love) has chapters on anthology of romantic Urdu poetry as well as poetry on the most romantic language Urdu. It has included verses of more than 20 poets in Preface, Introduction and Ishq Urdu, a chapter dedicated to the Urdu language. For the convenience of non-Urdu speakers, meanings of difficult Urdu words used in the poetry are also listed.

Video Link of Jazba-e-Mohabbat:

The chapter on anthology of romantic Urdu poetry describes how poets -- of different generations through their distinct styles to match their mood and perspective -- have spoken about mohabbat or ishq (love). It includes couplets of Ghalib, Mir, Majaz, Daagh, Faiz etc and their translation in English. The chapter Ishq Urdu covers poetry written on this romantic language. It also has both English and Urdu versions of the shayeri.

After Introduction, there is chapter called Bus Yunhi… It is the collection of Raza Elahi’s romantic poems written in both Urdu and English. To reach out to the non-Urdu speakers, meanings of difficult Urdu words used in the poems are listed in the book.

The book is available at

# M R Publications, 10 Metropole market 2724-25, First floor, Kucha Chelan, Daryaganj, New Delhi (#8368305471)

# I-1702, Logix Blossom County, Sector 137, Noida (# 9870477658)

It can also be ordered on WhatsApp at 9870477658 or email at

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Jab Ik Roz

جب اک روز

روز دکھتی تھی وہ

روز ملتی تھی وہ

چوراہے پہ جیسے کھو گئی تھی وہ

اپنا صدقہ سمجھ کر

چند پیسے دے کر

گاڑی بڑھا دیتا

زندگی کے رفتار سے رفتار ملا دیتا

پر اُس کی حجابی آنکھیں

اور اُجڑی قبائیں

کچھ اور کہتی تھیں

سمجھ نہ سکا تھا میں جو

سمجھنا بھی کیا تھا

ضرورت مند تھی وہ

جب اک روز پتا چلا

عیاشوں کی مسلی کہانی تھی وہ

ستم کی ماری تھی

پیسا نہیں حفاظت مانگتی تھی

انسانی درندوں کے چنگل سے بچنا چاہتی تھی وہ

افسوس کیا گاڑی سے اترے

دور تک نگاہ دوڑائی

شاید وقت کے مانند تھی

پھر کبھی ملی ہی نہی وہ

(رضا الہی)

Raza Elahi